Commercial Consultancy

Commercial Consulting

Recontam offers assistance aimed at resolving any administrative or bureaucratic formalities that businessmen may be faced with on the international markets. This service allows companies to avoid potential penalties from failure to comply with relevant regulations, lack of information or misunderstandings due to language barriers.
Professional experts in the field offer these services to a wide range of users – ostly local – ho need solutions to meet their specific business needs.

Auditing Services

The role of auditors in company matters has gained importance in recent years hence increasing also their responsibilities. Directors of companies as well as financial institutions take important decisions based on auditors reports. This implies that an audit should be conducted by persons who are competent, experienced and who emphasise accuracy and precise appreciation of facts.

Commercial Information and Credit Recovery

Economic globalization has led small and midsize companies to operate in unknown markets. Recontam and affiliated agent, offers its clients all kinds of information on potential trade partners.

Insurance consulting

Recontam, has insurance consultant associates, provides entrepreneurs with detailed risks analyses and supports them in risk management by offering adequate coverage with the most favorable terms on the market.